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10 Mar 2014 - Nox Rox the 25's!

Nox Oriens Invades Orgrimmar

Nox Downs 12/14 Heroic


Heroic Blackfuse is Defused!

Sparks flew as the conveyor belt rumbled


Heroic Thok - Nox Strikes Oil!!

(well future oil - today it's just a big dead dinosaur)



To the Victor Go the Heroic Spoils




25-Man Shift


Nox Oriens has shifted focus and now has added a 25-Man progression team!  It took a few weeks to get a core put together and gear up a few folks but now we're rockin' Orgrimar! More pictures to come as I remember to get screen shots :)




General Nazrgim is Demoted


Galakras is Brought Down to Earth


Sha of Pride is Taught Humility



Dark Shaman's Crib.


No further corruption will be allowed.


"Help me Shadow - you're my only hope!"

The Protectors were no challenge for Shadow.




Immerseus - Cleansed!



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Garrosh is Dethroned!



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06 Apr 2013 - Booming Thunder!

Nox Oriens - Rolling with the Thunder

Lei Shen

Dishonorably Discharged



Twin Consorts - Easy Twins Give Epick Head....Gear


Iron Qon! Rusted! (sung to the tune of Love Shack)


Dark Animus - Erased



Primordius - Returned to his Soup


In Remembrance of Durumu


Tortos - Shell of what he once was


Council of Elders have left the building





Thank you all for a successful campaign as we entered the new land of Pandaria! 5.1 has come to a close and Nox Oriens will continue to defend Pandaria and all of Azeroth from the Evil Within.





Shadow recently updated the information that every raider should be familiar with, as we prepare for the next big adventure.... it's a sticky in the raider forum! Remember, this is mandatory reading - for both ESTABLISHED and NEW MEMBERS, and we expect you to ask questions if you have any.

28 Apr 2012 - Heroic Dragon Soul!

Congrats Nox Oriens!! Heroic Deathwing Kill!

Heroic DW



Nox Oriens - Realm First Level 25!



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